Work In Progress

Writing might not be black and white but this book is!

This journal is all about brainstorming. Its sole purpose is to get thoughts flowing and your hand moving. If it’s neat and tidy and they end, you’ve done it all wrong.

An Alternative Writing Strategy

This book began as a personal project: a collection of questions mined from the far reaches of the internet and my brain to help work through some roadblocks in my own WIP. When you’re 50,000+ words deep in story, it can be hard to remember what you started off doing in the first place.

These open-ended questions try to look at the project from a different angle. That way, you can make connections and jumpstart a few “ah-ha!” moments. Before you know it, you’re back on the road.

The Ultimate Story Questionnaire

I started accumulating a list of things to ask to more efficiently restarting that literary engine. I organized them, printed them out, and took the stack of paper to FedEx for binding. That was where I intended the project to die.

Problem was- I liked it. I liked it a lot. What I ended up with was the rough draft of Work In Progress, and I kept adding questions, and more questions, until I inevitably, had it bound so I could share it with writers like you.

Multiple Sections to Skip Through

Section 1 is designed to get your story out of your head and onto the page. Each chapter focuses on one element to flesh out plot, protagonist, world-building, antagonist, and more.

Section 2 has questions targeted at specific genres. Here, you’ll find questions about romance, fantasy and magic, mystery, historical fiction, and more.

Section 3 is all about story progression. Visit each of these chapters as you reach a milestones and reorient yourself.


I bought this for a gift for my friend who has been wanting to write a book for ages and she is in LOVE with this! She wasn’t sure how/where to start with her book writing journey and she told me this has been the most helpful resource she’s been using. Thank you!


Now, shouldn’t you be writing?